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Combating Online Eyeglass Sales

Competing with online retailers is becoming a challenge for many eye care professionals. This presentation provides first-hand insight into the online patient purchasing process and pricing available from top online retailers. Learn about the four pillars of marketing, how to implement important messaging throughout the patient journey, and tips for how to differentiate yourself from the competition to prevent patients from walking out the door with their Rx.

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Social Media 101: Setting up for Success

Discover ways to enhance your practice’s online reputation and digital footprint. Learn how to get started on social media, the basic features and functions of each social network recommended for your practice, and how to use hashtags. Training also includes instruction for developing a social media strategy plan and the post content necessary to increase engagement, resulting in existing patient retention and increase in revenue per patient.

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Tips to Building a Positive Online Reputation

Over the last decade, online reviews have become a common part of a patient’s purchasing decision. But, with reviews now being a huge part of online search results, a poor star rating or the feedback of unhappy patients can be hard to miss. This course provides an in-depth look at how consumers are using local business reviews – from the necessary star ratings, to how many reviews are needed, and how these impact the decisions of potential customers. It also highlights how different generations use and write online reviews.

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Reboot your Business: Getting Patients Back in the Chair

As the country recovers and practice’s reopen, it’s important to shift our focus from crisis response to planning for the future. Learn how to leverage various patient communication and marketing channels needed to reboot your practice and fill your schedules quickly and efficiently. This course will include information specific to your website and is ideal for owners, office managers, doctors, opticians and anyone who plays a role in your practice’s website, social media and marketing strategy.

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Bring Your Patients Back Quickly & Efficiently

The eye care industry will never be the same after the COVID-19 pandemic. As practices begin to reopen, it’s important to do so safely and strategically. From sanitizing and social distancing protocols, to marketing and messaging tools, learn how to bring your patients back quickly and efficiently. This course is designed for all doctors and staff to attend.

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