"Innexus PRO makes my life easy. It is so hard to keep up with all the marketing programs and social media presence that you KNOW you should be doing. So often it just gets shoved under the rug due to time constraints, but not with Innexus PRO. Everything is done for you. Now, you still have total creative control and can craft your brand/image the way you see fit, but the tediousness is gone. I especially love the unlimited website changes. Basically, whether it's website, print, or social media, with a quick call or email the changes are made and you can go about your day.

I am thrilled with the new pictures and website presentation. It really looks great. You have come through again making us look good. Patients, vendors, and especially other marketing personnel, all rave about the quality of our logo, the effectiveness of our marketing materials, and professional look of our website, all created by the Innereactive/Innexus Team.

Thanks, Innereactive Media!"

–Ecenbarger Eye Care | Wyoming, MI

"I called about six months ago due to several solicitations that we had received about SEO, and I feel like my questions concerning this were answered very well at that time. But, it was nice to receive the mailer and see the work that you guys do behind the scenes to keep our website ranked favorably, and to get suggestions of how we can continue to improve upon this.We're always looking for ways to keep our name at or near the top of a search for local eye doctors, and we continue to feel we are positioned there. Also, we continue to hear very kind words about that appearance and functionality of our website.

Please keep the communication coming. It is appreciated! Thanks for the correspondence, and please know that we appreciate your professional mode of practice!"

–Gunderson Eyecare | Jasper, IN

"Being over 50, I am part of the "older generation" who will never be as computer savvy as the younger folks. The thought of figuring out how to market my office via the internet is enough to make me start gasping for air. However, there is no question that the survival of our practices depends on our ability to attract patients using the internet. The days of people looking through heavy phone books are gone! What I've appreciated the most about Innexus is their patience with me as I've worked with them to build our website. They were willing to even give me personalized time over the phone...something that my contemporaries have missed as businesses have gone toward more impersonal styles of interacting with their customers. I feel like they are a company who is still willing to take the extra time to give individualized service to allow each customer to have the best possible experience as they build their fantastic website. I'm very pleased with the finished product that they have helped us to design, but more importantly, I feel like I have a company who I can count on to help me navigate the world of cyberspace with confidence and peace of mind. Thanks!"

–Swift Creek Eye Center | Midlothian, VA

"PERFECT!!!!! Professional and Absolutely Beautifully Done!!!"

–NeoVision Eye Care | Pewaukee, WI

"I love the new site and so do our patients. I truly appreciate your hard work and patience."

McCabe Vision Center | Murfreesboro, TN

"Thank you so much to the awesome team at Innexus! You have been so wonderful and helpful and have done such great work! You have our thanks and appreciation!"

–Alamo Eye Institute | San Antonio, TX

"I want to thank you both for your help to set up the site. I know I can count on you guys for answers. It has been a learning experience for me since I have not set up any websites before but you guys have a great program that makes it pretty easy to work with."

–The Optometry Center | Hayward, CA

"We had a patient come into our office for his first appointment with us because of all the office websites in our area, he thought ours was the best! Thanks again for all your help."

–Northshore Optometry | Muskegon, MI

"The Innexus support team is fantastic. They are very easy to contact, provide immediate help, and actively maintain the website and social media. We have been very pleased with their product."

–Clarity Advanced Eyecare | Birmingham, MI

"We, as optometrists, have little savvy when it comes marketing effectively. This is why we chose Innereactive Media to assist us in building upon our past success to thus enable our future prosperity. Our advice is to go to work with Innereactive Media and Innexus. We are glad we did!"

–Lakeshore Eyecare Center | Holland, MI

"When it comes to setting up a website, I could not have asked for a better team of Innexus Specialists. Throughout the whole process, they were informational, kind, easy to reach, and patient with our questions and concerns. I will tell anyone around or interested in Innereactive Media how great of an experience we had. The website is wonderful!"

–Eubanks and Daugherty | Harrisburg, IL

"Thank you very much! I wanted you guys to know how much you are appreciated, and how fantastic your customer service has been! You all deserve a big thank you for ALL your hard work!"

–Family Vision Care | Murfreesboro, TN

"I am really excited to get my website up and moving. The seamless ease of the 'set up' process was amazing and has set a tone for how great our website will be. Our employees are really excited to have a website that is so interactive and easily manageable."

–Northwest EyeCare Professionals | Clackamas, OR

"The Innexus team is awesome! Creating my web site was so simple and easy, they did a great job walking me through the process. They answered all my questions quickly and accommodated my requests. Working with Innereactive and Innexus is one of the best decisions I've made for my practice."

–Lambaria Eye & Optical | Davison, MI

"I wanted to give you an update on the progress of upgrading to the Innexus Pro. Your office has done an phenomenal job getting our social media up and running. Plus our Website looks great.

On the partnership with Solutionreach, we have had a great response from our patients. They love getting text messages concerning their upcoming appointments, glasses and contacts. Regarding the recalls, that has been so successful that I had to call Solutionreach and ask them to turn off (temporarily) that part of system. We also have had a great response from the text and email notices about past due accounts. We have with that option received payments from patients that we had been unable to reach before with normal phone calls.

I want to thank the staff at Innexus and Solutionreach, with helping our office become a more efficient and profitable business, without using valuable staff hours to accomplish this."

–College Avenue Vision Clinic, P.C. | Houghton, MI