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Common Questions

No! Website set up and transfer is complimentary. Innexus takes care of everything from transferring content from an existing website to purchasing or transferring your domain name. We help you avoid the hassle and make it easy every step of the way.
Yes and Yes! Innexus includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at no additional charge to maximize your organic search rankings. Additionally, our mobile responsive website designs make it easier for patients to find and contact you from any mobile phone and tablet.
All Innexus packages include unlimited website updates. You may call or email us as often as you like. Simply provide us with the information and content you would like added, updated, or deleted, and we’ll take care of the rest! You don’t have to do a thing!
Our strategic alliance with 4PatientCare allows us to integrate with hundreds of practice management systems at no cost to you. The automated sync interfaces with your system to keep patient information updated. In addition, an automated sync occurs several times a day, according to your preferences, to keep up with your changes throughout the day.
Want to sign up for Innexus PRO, but are currently under contract with a different system? We can help! We offer a contract buy-out program up for up to 12 months. Please call us for more details.
No! We stand behind our websites, optical knowledge, and Innexus Specialists. Unlike many other websites companies, Innexus has no hidden fees or penalties. Although there are no cancellation fees, Innexus WEBSITE requires a 30-day written notice to Innexus for cancellation. Innexus SOCIAL (12 months) and Innexus PRO (12 months) require their commitment dates be met before cancellation respectively.
Innereactive, the parent company of Innexus, provides professional graphic design including: logos, letterhead, business cards, Rx pads, postcards and more. Please ask us for a custom quote for your specific design needs.
Innexus makes an incredible effort to optimize your website during the building process. Search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, each use different ranking criteria that change constantly and is not made public. Search engines do not make exactly how they rank public because spam websites would also do everything they could to rank number one. With this being said, there is no concrete method to organically obtain the number one spot. We do however follow "best practices" to make your information optimized for search engines.

Basic Practice Content: Each Innexus theme includes relevant practice content developed to help your website rank better in search engines. In addition to adding your basic office information, including office hours, doctor biography and contact information, Innexus has carefully arranged optically niched keywords included in our standard content. Keep in mind, when searching for your office, if you search “optometrist” you are searching through almost 16 million websites all competing for the number one spot. However, if you search “optometrist in your city and state,” you will get a realistic ranking result.

Optical Related Content: Each Innexus theme includes exclusive content relating to popular eye health and optical related articles and videos. You will periodically be emailed about potentially added to or updated popular eye health content. Even if you never ask for any edits to your website, we provide the opportunity to have your website seem active to search engines, which helps your website be crawled more.

Page Title, Description, and Keywords: Your Innexus website has page titles, descriptions, and keywords customized to your practice content and the optical industry you focus in. We follow online best practices to ensure your most valuable title information appears in the first 70 characters and your description stays around 160 characters, which it the cutoff SERP in Google.

Qualified Links: Innexus starts your website with credible optical industry links. These links can be further customized to meet your practice needs by linking to local industries, such as your Chamber of Commerce, and national organization or charities your practice is involved with.

Social Networks: Innexus provides the opportunity to link to all social media pages you may have with worldwide understood symbols for Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Yelp, and so many more. If you would like assistance claiming and managing your social media pages, we offer further assistance through our Innexus SOCIAL and PRO programs.

Google Analytics: Innexus websites integrate with Google Analytics which is a robust, no cost, statistical website traffic program. Google Analytics allows you to see how many visits your website receives, where they are coming from, what pages are being visited, and more. Each website has the ability to embed the code for no additional cost, and if you are part of the SOCIAL or PRO levels, we automatically embed it for you. This also helps you rank higher in Google because you are integrated with a Google product.

Site Design: Innexus websites are built adhering to the most strict website development conventions when deciding logo placement, main navigation display, link styling, visual hierarchy, and standard icons. Each of our website themes utilizes CSS Design which is responsive to all devices, including smartphones, tablet, and desktop. Within the design of our base themes and the construction required to make them unique to your practice, we take no shortcuts. Our efforts continue to show that search engines respond favorably to the clean designs and solid content Innexus offers. 

Since search engines are their own entities with millions of websites, our optimization efforts do not guarantee optimal ranking, however, we can guarantee our knowledgeable Innexus Specialists to help you answer any SEO questions you may have. There are several different aspects that affect where your website appears in search engines. Although Innexus builds your website to be optimized for search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, there is still more you can do to improve your SEO.

Content is King: Customize your website content to your practice. This means writing custom copy for your business instead of using our standard content. All our levels have unlimited updates so once you write it simply email it to an Innexus Specialist and we will update the pages for you. Include your doctor bios and specific services you provide. Keep in mind, each page listed on your website should have at least 250 words to make sure your keywords are being optimized. If you want to rank well for an optical word, service, or location area in search engines, make sure that information is listed in your website content, preferably in more than one location. An added bonus is if you customize normally standard content like the Privacy Policy.

Create a Blog: Innexus offers an optional feature to easily create a customized blog by posting text and media related to your practice and optical advancements. Our blog format has an RSS feed and provides an easy way to interact with your website visitors by creating a discussion platform, where others can leave feedback and ask questions, which increases how often search engines crawl your website.

Purchase a Domain Name: The amount of time your domain has been in existence affects how well you rank. This does not mean if you have a brand new domain, your website will not rank well; it means that domains that have been directed toward a reliable website for longer, are considered more reliable. One of the easiest ways to address this is to purchase your domain for an extended number of years. It shows search engines that you do not plan to use the domain for spam reasons and dump it after a year or two.

Claim Your Business Directories: While having your business directory pages linked from your website is helpful, having them claimed helps your business even more. While many of your potential customers search Google for information, inevitably some will find you by searching directly through a business directory and you want to make a good first impression. If you want to get the benefit for your search engine optimization efforts, focus on Google+, Yelp, Bing Places, Superpage/SuperMedia, Yellowpages, and CitySearch. Start with one of two and work your way through. If you want assistance claiming your Yelp and Google+ page, check out our Innexus SOCIAL or PRO programs.

Remain Active on Social Media: Having a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page isn’t enough; you need to remain active on the platform in order for your business to benefit from them. Your followers need to stay engaged in what your business is doing. We recommend posting something daily, if not every other day. If you need assistance with posting, check out our Innexus SOCIAL or PRO programs.