Solutionreach Service Agreement

This Service Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into on the date this form is submitted ("Effective Date") by and between Solutionreach, Inc., d.b.a. Solutionreach or Smile Reminder (the "Company"), with its principal place of business at 2912 Executive Parkway Suite 300 Lehi, UT 84043, and "Client," with its principal place of business listed below.

1. Services: The Company agrees to provide Client non-exclusive electronic access to the Smile Reminder Platform or Solutionreach Platform (“Services”) via a digital information processing, transmission and storage system (“Servers”) maintained by the Company and located at the Company’s facilities. The Company shall make the Services and Servers available on and via the Internet.

2. Fees and Payment: Client agrees to pay a single, non-refundable Setup Fee of $399 and a Monthly Service Fee of $379 (based on the Terms specified in section 3 below) and any other additional fees as agreed upon and indicated herein. The monthly billing cycle commences 10 days after the Effective Date. Pricing is guaranteed for as long as this Agreement remains in effect and if Client begins using the Services within 15 days subsequent to the Effective Date. All fees are in U.S. Dollars. (Not applicable to Innexus PRO clients.)

3. Multi-Annual Term: Monthly Service Fee is based on (i) multi-annual agreement (24 months) (ii) per office location, (iii) Services, and (iv) includes up to 3 practitioners per office location. Each additional practitioner shall increase the monthly Service Fee by $49 per practitioner.

4. Payment: The Setup Fee will be charged immediately. Thereafter, Client will be charged the monthly Service Fee at the end of each monthly billing cycle.

5. Innereactive Media Relationship: So long as Client remains an Innexus Pro customer of Innereactive Media, any applicable set up fee and monthly service fee will be paid to the Company by Innereactive Media on behalf of Client. Upon the termination of Client’s participation in the Innexus Pro services, then Client shall be solely responsible for the payment any and all monthly service fees for the remaining term of this Agreement and any applicable renewal periods.

6. Other: This Agreement includes and incorporates all terms and conditions of the Company’s online End-user License Agreement (including changes and updates from time to time), which must be accepted by Client. In the event of a practice transfer, both the Client and the new practice owner are liable for all obligations under this Agreement, unless specifically agreed in a signed writing by the Company. Client shall pay all collection and attorney fees if collection procedures are commenced. By signing this Agreement, Client is authorizing the Company to directly charge the credit card or bank account, as indicated below, for all applicable fees described herein.