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Social Media FAQs

Social Media 101

How do I set up my business page on Facebook and Instagram?
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How can I gain new followers?
To organically gain followers, we recommend the following:
1. Include links (icons) to your social media pages on your website and in emails to your patients.
2. Post regularly using quality imagery and links to your website or other helpful articles. 3. Engage in conversation with other local businesses and organizations in your community such as local restaurants or pages from community organizations and events. Keep your comments casual and positive, but never directly ask for followers in the comments. For example, posting “Congratulations!” when a business shares a success story is a great way to show engagement.
4. Consider paid advertising and promotion in order to reach your target demographic. Advertising on social media CAN be done on a budget and adjusted as you see fit!


Tell me all about @ and #!
The @ and # symbols are used regularly on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media networks. The @ symbol is used to “tag” a person or a business in your post and can be used by typing the symbol followed by their account name. For example, @Innereactive. Once tagged, it will notify them, which may prompt them to respond to you.

The # symbol, or hashtag, makes it easier than ever to quickly search and find content on a certain topic. Hashtags turn the text following the # symbol into clickable, searchable words. You can strategically incorporate hashtags into any social media post, as well as in the comment section. When you click on these links created by using a hashtag, all posts/photos that have included the same hashtag will be grouped together onto one page. This is a way to draw followers to your page based on the type of content they are looking for.

When using, always keep your hashtags short, specific, relevant, and don’t use more than seven per post. We recommend hashtags of 1-3 words, not long sentences, and don’t be vague. Use specific words that are relevant to the content you’re posting. As an eyecare professional, you can consider using hashtags like #FrameFriday #TrendyTuesday #NameofYourPractice #EyewearMakeover #SunwearMakeover, #SpecificBrand, etc. to get more relevant eyeballs on your content and brand.


What is a KPI?
A KPI is otherwise known as a Key Performance Indicator. These are goals you set based on metrics you want to measure in order to improve performance in a particular area of your business. KPIs indicate how you’re tracking toward your overall goal. For example, a KPI could be growing your social media following from 500 followers to 750 followers in one year.


How do I review my social media analytics?
Each social media platform has an Insights tab where you can view analytics for your social media page. From Facebook’s business page, you’ll see an Insights tab. This tab provides all the analytics including an overview as well as special tabs for certain topics of your Facebook business page.

From Google My Business’s page, you’ll see an Insights tab. Insights include the top ten searches that bring up your business on Google, how many people have called, visited your website, or requested directions using your GMB (Google My Business) page, and the most popular time of day for your practice.

In order to check your Instagram analytics, you’ll have to login to your business page on a mobile device or tablet. From the Settings page, you’ll see an Insights tab. Instagram analytics provide information on the content you’re posting, activity, and audience.

How do I know if social media is actually bringing in new patients?
When a new patient books an appointment, it’s important to ask them how they heard about you! This can be done on the phone, on the health history form, or simply by asking during checking. Keep track of their answers in your practice management software to provide accurate tracking of your marketing effectiveness. In addition, quality analytics reporting can provide insight on where your website traffic is coming from (maybe it came from your facebook or instagram page, or from google!), and you’ll also be able to determine if those same patients clicked through to schedule an appointment with you!


Who should manage my social media account and how much time should they spend on it per week?
For practices who have a do-it-yourself approach and are actively involved in practice-driven posting to their social media pages, we recommend they allocate about ten hours per week for an employee to manage their business social media pages. Many practices utilize a third-party service to provide supplemental post content and professional graphics. This support can save valuable staff time of five hours or more per week.

We recommend the staff member managing your social pages has a lot of facetime with patients. Not only can they snap pictures of their regular day to day (ex: taking pictures of a patient with their new eyewear, or showing off new eyewear or technology), they can also promote any current sales you’re running or events you’re hosting.

At a minimum, all practices should have a business Facebook and a business Instagram page and post a minimum of one post every other day. Since 74% of Facebook users login daily, your message will remind them you’re there for them. The staff member should also take the time to respond to any comments on your posts and reply to any direct messages patients send to your social media inboxes.

When you grant your staff member access to your social media pages, you can give them limited access to ensure they aren’t able to change or edit anything of extreme importance. The owner of the practice should always remain an administrator on all social media accounts in case of employee turnover so the business page does not become inaccessible.


What industry leaders should I follow on social media so that we may share their content?
Follow the brands you recommend and stock in your practice. Whether it’s contact lenses, frames, or prescription lenses, most of them post great content you can share to your followers. You can also follow different associations you are a part of such as the American Optometric Association, Opticians Association of America, and of course…Follow us at @Innereactive and @GetInnexus.


Should I post directly to Facebook and Instagram, or is it ok to use a third-party service like Hootsuite?
There are no downsides for using a third-party service to post content to your social media pages. You and your staff are busy, this is a great option for saving time!

Innexus Social Booster is perfect for the do-it-yourself practice who knows what they want to post, but wants access to high-quality graphics, a post scheduler, and mobile app with built-in HIPAA release form to include pictures and testimonials of patients.

Innexus Social 2.0  is a more comprehensive practice for practices who would like more assistance with social media strategy, custom post content, running contests, Facebook or Instagram advertising, tracking ROI, and much more.

Request a demo by emailing sales@getinnexus.com or call 888.869.6675.

Hootsuite allows for scheduling posts, but you’re responsible for providing 100% of the copyright free graphics and content.


How do I set up a media release in order to post pictures with patients?
You’re in luck! Our new Innexus Social Booster program includes access to a HIPAA compliant photo-release functionality that is incredibly user-friendly. Request a demo by emailing sales@getinnexus.com or call 888.869.6675.


If I use a stock/internet photo, how should we give credit?
In order to legally use a photo or video on your social media page, you need to purchase the rights from a stock imagery website such as iStock. All websites are different so be sure to reference the photo rights documents provided prior to purchase to make sure you are within their licensing guidelines. If you use or copy an image from someone else’s page or from google, you’ll need to credit your source. Our Innexus Social program comes with a built-in library of hundreds of unique images that guarantee you can post images worry-free. Request a demo by emailing sales@getinnexus.com or call 888.869.6675


What’s the best way to moderate comments from friends/followers?
Social media is about having a conversation with your audience. Commenting back to your followers is an important step in building your relationship with them. Thank patients for their business if they post a positive review on your facebook page. Equally important, address negative reviews with grace and take conversations offline when needed.


How do I unlock a facebook page that I lost access to?
To avoid this happening, always make sure the owner of the practice is assigned as an administrator on the Facebook Business page. If it’s too late and you have to recover your page, please check out this helpful link we found with step-by-step instructions.


Where should we look to find good content to post?
It’s important to remember that social media is about connecting with patients, not “selling” them. The type of content you post should be driven by your practice’s specific social media objectives and goals. Our 70/20/10 formula for social media success encourages the following allocation of content type.

70% of your post content should be written to add value to your business and brand recognition. This type of content should help patients get to know your office, your staff, and why they should come to your office versus the competition. Share news of a trunk show that you’re hosting, a sale on sunwear, or a referral program for friends! 20% of your posts can be interesting content you share from another business’s page, or someone else’s post. You can simply leave a comment as to why you wanted to share and that’s it! Less than ten percent of all of your post content should include solely promotional or advertising type posts.


What is the best time of day to post?
The latest data shows that posts planned for the middle of the week in the middle of the day create the highest engagement. In the healthcare industry specifically, Wednesdays between 10 am and 12 pm received the highest engagement.


How do I convince my boss that we need help with advertising and social media?
There is a ton of data that proves advertising and time spent posting to social media is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience and attract new business. In fact, 93% of purchasing decisions are influenced by social media. Additionally, Review of Optometric Business reports that, “offices with successful social media pages bring in about 20% more revenue per year.” Amazing, huh? The new question is no longer will you use social media, but instead “How WELL will you use it?”


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