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Redefining the Patient Experience & Journey

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Your practice’s relationship with patients is built over time, nourished by online and physical experiences in their journey, grounded in expectations, and confirmed through repeated interactions. Identify specific checkpoints in the patient journey and discover ways to enhance their experience at each one. Training also includes strategies for creating contactless patient interactions, how to maximize the time spent with each patient, minimize their overall time in-office, and how to properly merchandise to attract new patients, improve existing patient retention, and help patients make better purchasing decisions.


Communicate Safely & Get Paid with Two-Way Text & Two-Way Text-to-Pay

Easily “text-enable” your landline phone number to enable quick and safe communication with patients for curbside adjustments and repairs, to schedule a visit, check-in for an appointment, upload pictures of their insurance cards, send you pictures of symptoms for triage/scheduling, to ask questions, and more. You can even send a secure payment request and patients can conveniently pay their bill whenever they want… often the same day!

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Attract New Patients with Innexus Website

You can spend a lot of money on SEO and paid search campaigns but if your website isn’t generating new patients, what is it doing for you? Innexus websites convert online visitors into new patients and provide a strong online presence that differentiates you from your competition. Unlike the cookie cutter website companies, Innexus provides professional design, mobile responsiveness, search engine optimization, unmatched eye care expertise that includes a dedicated support team to keep your site up to date with the ever-changing needs of your practice.

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Help Patients Compare Eyewear Apple-to-Apples

While cheaper purchasing options may exist online, it’s important your patients know the quality isn’t the same, and although they may save money upfront, the products often won’t live up to expectations and their vision can suer. Personalize this brochure with your logo and use it in your practice to communicate the importance of comparing apples-to-apples when purchasing eyewear and prevent patients from walking out the door with their Rx.

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