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An Image is Worth a Thousand Words, or Clicks!

Are you posting to your social media accounts, but getting minimal engagement? Individuals can recall 65% of messages three days after viewing when an image is included. However, without a photo, people only recall 10% of messages.* By incorporating images, photos, and videos into your social media posting, you can increase your post engagement and […]

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Stay Active

Does your practice have social media pages? How many accounts and platforms do you utilize and how often are you posting? Let’s dive into the importance of an active social media presence. An active social media presence is essential to building relationships and providing the best experience possible to your patients. To stay active on social media, […]

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How to Get Good Reviews Online

It’s common for practice owners to want good reviews and to fear bad reviews. Good reviews can propel your business to the top of local search results. Bad reviews can both bury your listing and turn away potential patients. We’re here to show you how you can implement actionable steps to get good online reviews. […]

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Why Facebook Reactions are Good for Business

Facebook recently rolled out additional reaction options beyond the “like” button. As with most changes to social media, this feature was met with skepticism, criticism, and some confusion on why it’s necessary. Of course, once the initial shock and curiosity wore off, we found people were mostly on the fence about whether they loved or hated […]

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5 Tips for Using Hashtags on Facebook

Before we scare you off talking about hashtags (and in case you don’t know—it’s okay, we won’t tell!), a hashtag is simply this symbol: #. We’ve come across lots of people who weren’t really sure what a hashtag was, and had mistakenly thought it was something else, but any time you see #dealwithit or # […]

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