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3 Reasons You Should Beware of “SEO” Companies

Everyone wants to talk about SEO. That’s understandable—there’s a lot to talk about! So let’s consider another perspective. We have discussed and included in some of our resource materials how to generate good SEO. If you’re following some simple steps for generating and sharing good content and optimizing text on your website, you should be doing […]


5 Tips for Using Hashtags on Facebook

Before we scare you off talking about hashtags (and in case you don’t know—it’s okay, we won’t tell!), a hashtag is simply this symbol: #. We’ve come across lots of people who weren’t really sure what a hashtag was, and had mistakenly thought it was something else, but any time you see #dealwithit or # […]

Social Media

Compliance with HIPAA and Social Media

Generally, when people think about medical staff violating HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), they recall news stories like the emergency room nurse who divulged the medical status of a football player, or the doctor who posted that a model was admitted for binge drinking. Most people would be stumped if they had to […]

Social Media

Why You Should Stop Worrying About Keywords

To understand this discussion, all you need to know about SEO is that your website has what’s called “metadata” that can be entered into the code to help search engines understand the content on your page. This includes a title, description, and keywords, as well as some other types of SEO entries that we won’t […]