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HIPAA & Social Media

 Listen to this month’s Innexus Webinar on Demand as Dan Worth, Innexus Program Consultant, speaks with Elizabeth Pickel from Rhinogram about HIPAA Compliance and Social Media. This webinar discusses the importance of HIPAA and how a HIPAA violation can impact your practice. Learn more about how your practice can stay HIPAA compliant while also […]

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Write Original Blog Posts

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the effort to curate your website’s content and code to rank well in searches and bring new visitors to your practice. As an Innexus member, your website is professionally designed and coded to boost your SEO! Do you want to take extra steps to help your website rank HIGHER […]

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Blue Light and Your Practice

Listen to this month’s Innexus Webinar on Demand as Dan Worth, Innexus Program Consultant, speaks with Valerie Manso from BluTech about Blue Light and Your Practice. This webinar discusses the dangers of blue light and the importance of blue light protection for your patients. Learn more about the sources of blue light and when/how you […]

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Time For A New Look?

How long has it been since you updated your website? A website refresh can improve SEO and patient experience. Your website acts as a first touch point with potential patients and should provide the best impression of your practice. A great website is professionally designed, mobile responsive, and brand precise. These qualities in a website […]

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Kick Start Your Marketing Campaign

Focus your marketing plan with a marketing campaign to attract your target audience. Marketing for your practice includes creating, sharing, and executing a promotion, offer, or educational topic. Keep your practice top of mind with campaigns that motivate your current and potential patients. Furthermore, as a small business, it is essential to pick campaign topics which […]

Brand Development, Content Development, Marketing

Improve SEO with Custom Content

How custom content on your website can improve your SEO ranking The rank of your practice and brand in search engine results is key to attracting new patients online. An automated algorithm reviews your online presence to determine your practice’s position in search results. Custom content focused on keywords unique to your practice and industry […]

Content Development, SEO

An Image is Worth a Thousand Words, or Clicks!

Are you posting to your social media accounts, but getting minimal engagement? Individuals can recall 65% of messages three days after viewing when an image is included. However, without a photo, people only recall 10% of messages.* By incorporating images, photos, and videos into your social media posting, you can increase your post engagement and […]

Brand Development, Content Development, Social Media