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Thank you for attending! Since we didn’t have time to get to all of the excellent questions during the webinar, our team compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions for reference.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can we order the Apples-to-Apples Brochure to help us differentiate eyewear sold in our office from cheaper products sold online?

Personalize this brochure with your logo and use it in your practice to communicate the importance of comparing apples-to-apples when purchasing eyewear and prevent patients from walking out the door with their Rx.

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2. What product do you recommend for two way texting with patients, text-to-pay and inner-office chat communication?

Samantha recommends the Innexus Texting Booster because it easily “text-enables” your landline phone number to allow quick and safe communication with patients for curbside adjustments and repairs, to schedule a visit, check-in for an appointment, upload pictures of their insurance cards, and more. You can even send a secure payment request and patients can conveniently pay their bill whenever they want. The Innexus Texting Booster is only $59/mo and no long-term contract is required.

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3. Our EMR doesn’t have e-forms. What 3rd party provider do you recommend?

Every practice is different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for patient pre-visit paperwork. Samantha recommends the Innexus Patient eForms. This service converts an unlimited number of your custom paper forms into electronic versions your patients can complete pre-visit from their computer or mobile device. Patient eForms are only $9/mo and no long-term contract is required.

EXPERT TIP: Combine Patient eForms with the Innexus Texting Booster to text patients links to complete the eForms pre-visit offering further convenience and time savings!

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4. What program or app do you recommend that includes a HIPAA compliant media release for patients to sign that allows us to use their photos on our social media and in other marketing?

Samantha recommends the Innexus Social Booster to effortlessly send text or email invitations to patients requesting an online review. This tool also includes HIPAA compliant photo-release functionality for patient pictures and testimonials, post-ready social media content, a post scheduler, and more to build a positive online reputation that helps patients choose your practice.

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5. Where can we find short commercials to loop on a TV in our office?

Digital displays add an upswing in overall retail sales volume by 31% and over 40% of shoppers say digital displays can change what they buy. Samantha recommends Innexus Digital Display. With only a small piece of hardware, you can convert any TV with an HDMI port into a digital display and use it to loop video content in your practice. Create your custom video playlist by selecting from our content library, use your own, or work with our creative team to develop engaging custom content for your practice!

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6. Where can I get help creating a social media strategy plan?

Work directly with a dedicated Success Coach to define and implement a social media strategy personalized to your unique practice. Your Success Coach helps optimize every aspect of your practice’s social profile pages, routinely post highly engaging eye care content to your social pages every week, develop successful social & Google ad campaigns, and many other essential social media activities.

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7. How can you ask a patient for a review after their visit without sounding too forceful?

Prior to them leaving, you can ask, “Mrs. Smith, it’s our commitment to our patients that they are 100% satisfied with their experience at our office. Is there anything we could have done to improve your visit with us today?” If “yes” – fix it! If they respond “no,” add, “That’s great to hear! We’d love to have ten more patients like you! In fact, it would mean a lot of me that if I send you a text link to our site, would you be willing to take 3 minutes or less to write us a quick review about your experience? It’s important you don’t offer an incentive or reward for leaving reviews.

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