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5 Tips for Taking the Best Staff Photos for Your Website

Are your staff photos outdated? If you have a smartphone you can take fantastic photos for your website without needing to hire a professional photographer. Use these smartphone photo tips to get the best shots of your team.

1. Use natural light

Whenever possible take photos in natural light instead of using the flash. A flash tends to make the subject look washed out and dimensionless.

2. Find a common background


For team photos, in particular, putting everyone in front of the same background creates a cohesive and professional look on your website. Try a brick wall, grey backdrop, or a wall matching your company color.

3. Steady your shot

Use a small tripod even with a smartphone! Many people don’t think to use a tripod with a smartphone but it helps to steady the photo and prevent any blur caused by slight movement in your hand.  

4. Set your resolution

Go into the settings on your phone, find the camera category, and adjust the photo quality and resolution to the highest possible option. This will ensure your photos can be used on various platforms without losing quality.

5. Crop, don’t zoom

Never zoom on a smartphone! Zooming in on a smartphone drastically decreases the quality of the photo and will make it appear pixelated. Start by taking a portrait photo with a vertical orientation and ample space around your subject. Then crop the photo to the exact spacing or size you want with your smartphone to keep quality at its best. You can also send your Innexus Success Coach the original photo and we can crop it for you!

We want to help you take the best staff photos for your website! Do you need more advice? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help!

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