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Combatting Online Eyeglass Sales

Online retailers have quickly become one of the biggest competitors in the eye care industry. Combatting online sales is a challenge many practices are facing.

Despite the convenience of shopping online, your practice provides service, quality, and customization at a level which cannot be replicated anywhere else. However, are you doing a good job communicating this to your patients? Do all of your patients know what makes your products and patient experience better than the competition?

Key Benefits of Purchasing with Your Practice:

  • Convenience: in-office try on allows for more attractive and comfortable eyewear
  • Frame quality: expertly designed frames are created for comfort and durability
  • Precise measurements: experienced opticians take measurements to ensure the best fit
  • Lens technology: scratch resistant, non-glare treatments, and quality material
  • Communication Tools


    Eye Care Brochure
    Brochures are a great way to provide your patients with an educational resource about your services and the benefits of buying eyeglasses in office. Furthermore, these brochures should be available to patients at multiple points of contact: front desk, exam rooms, and optician desks.

    “These are the small little things that I think help differentiate our practice and allow us to do things that patients perceive as high value,” Stephen Pullen, O.D., Pullen Eye Care, Second Year Innexus Member

    Demo Glasses

    Keep a pair of demo glasses purchased from an online retailer in office to show and demonstrate to patients. Allow them to compare the difference in quality. Additionally, smudge the lens and demonstrate how challenging the smudge is to remove. Take this time to provide your recommendations for customized fit and measurements. Furthermore, demo glasses allow the patient to form an educated opinion on purchasing eyeglasses from you versus online. They can experience the product for themselves and resolve any previous misconceptions they may have had.

    Share Photos

    Post photos of your most popular frames and brands to your social media pages. Help your trendy, young patients know your office has the exact eyewear they desire. Additionally, on Facebook, you can create a photo album that houses the photos of all your popular frames and brands!

    Digital Display

    Create a video for your digital display explaining all of the outstanding services you provide patients when they purchase eyewear from you. Perhaps discuss the standard procedures of an eye appointment in your office. Additionally, try turning a team member into a “patient” and record the video taking them through the steps of the appointment! Remember to highlight the best features of your office.

    We understand online retailers cannot provide the care and customization available in your practice. Therefore, combatting online sales requires you to communicate the benefits of purchasing eyewear at your eye care practice. We are here to help you implement these tools in your practice to show patients you listen to their wants and needs to provide the best eyewear options!

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