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Improve SEO with Custom Content

How custom content on your website can improve your SEO ranking

The rank of your practice and brand in search engine results is key to attracting new patients online. An automated algorithm reviews your online presence to determine your practice’s position in search results. Custom content focused on keywords unique to your practice and industry has proven to boost ranking and improve SEO (search engine optimization) of your website.

What is custom content?

It includes words, images, and videos posted on your website unique to your practice. If your unique content is accurate and meets keyword searches, your website will rank higher in search results. Search engines require a certain percentage of content to be completely custom in order to rank near the top of search results.

Areas to Create Custom Content:

Use your areas of expertise to create content that will educate your patients.

  • About Page
  • Staff Biographies
  • Blog
  • Services Page
  • FAQ’s
  • How does this improve SEO?

    Custom content shows your patients and search engines you are a knowledgeable and credible source for eyecare related information. When the SEO algorithm has the option to display outdated content from thousands of websites or accurate keyword-based content from one site, the algorithm will choose the latter. In the 1990’s Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king.” This is still true today; custom content rules the internet and the more custom content you have, the greater ability you have to gain more patients.

    Importance of a Blog

    Blogging is a great way to integrate original content into your website! Each blog should have a minimum of 300 words for best SEO results. Your blogs should explain or review commonly searched topics in your industry. Use your practice’s blog to share your expertise and educate your patients. This content is a great resource to share with patients during their exam to provide more information about common eye diseases or to help answer questions they may have about a diagnosis. Here are a few topics you could write blogs on for the eye care industry:

  • Signs and Symptoms of Different Eye Diseases
  • Technology Used in Appointments
  • Common Myths About Eye Care
  • Take the next step to appear higher in search results by writing custom content for your website. You don’t need to do it all at once. Start by writing whatever comes most naturally to you! Once you have custom content ready for your website, send it to us in an email at [email protected], and we’ll put it on your website!

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