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Does Your Logo Represent Your Brand?

Keep your logo and brand up to date.

A logo is an essential and necessary element of a brand identity. Your logo is part of the first impression most patients receive of your practice. Because of this, your eyecare logo should give your patients an idea of who you are and what you stand for before they meet you in the office.

Do you have a logo? Go ahead and take a look at it!

Your logo and branding should represent your practice with its colors, style, shape, and format. Take a look at your eyecare logo. What are your first thoughts? Does it deliver your message and show the personality of your office? An eyecare practice focused on luxury brands should have a logo that reflects this same high-end feeling. Here are a few questions we like to ask when exploring a new logo design.

What is the feeling of your practice’s interior? (Modern, Comfortable, Kid-Friendly)

Who is your target audience or patient base? (Kids, Millennials, Family Focus, Elderly)

What makes you different than your competitors? (Have you been in business for 50 years or have high-end technology to provide the best service possible?)

Are you located in a city with an environmental landmark? (Is your office located on a lake or in the mountains?)

Color: What does the color in your logo mean?

Color Theory

Your logo should match your brand colors and be integrated on your website, stationery, and throughout your office. Have you considered the meaning of your brand colors? Strategically choosing colors for your brand and in-office design can help you shape a patient’s attitude and experience with your practice.

Color Theory studies the psychological impact colors have on human emotions.
Yellow: optimism, clarity, warmth
Orange: friendly, cheerful, confidence
Red: excitement, youthful, bold
Blue: trust, dependable, strength
Green: peaceful, growth, health
Purple: creative, imaginative, wise
Grey: balance, calm, neutral

Logomark: Shape or Object within your Logo

Now let’s look at the shape found within your logo. Many businesses choose a shape that is representative of their industry. For example, in the eyecare industry, many practices use an eye in their logo. While an eye is very representative of the business, be careful not to choose a logo that makes you blend in with the competition. How will you stand out amongst the eye care providers in your area if you all have the same eye in your logo?

Take a look at the following eyecare logos. While they all include an eye shape, they differentiate themselves with their colors, style, and the inclusion of a landmark of their practice.

Eyecare Logo Examples

Typeface: Does your text fit your brand?

Look at the font you are currently using for your practice name. Is it fun and light-hearted or clean and professional? Ask yourself, can I change this to better fit the mission and message I want to deliver to my patients? Allow each part of your logo to help reinforce your message.

Memorable: What about your eyecare logo will stick in someone’s mind?

To stand out from your competition, you need a memorable logo. Your logo could be a patient’s first impression of you, so kick it off in a remarkable way. Try brainstorming what you could incorporate into your logo to make each patient remember you and your practice!

PRO TIP: Avoid an overly complicated logo. Your logo cannot encompass everything related to your practice. Busy and cluttered logos are not memorable and will not create a lasting impression for your potential patients.

Do you want to better deliver your message to your patients by creating a new eyecare logo? We are here to help, just reach out via phone at 888.963.8894 or email [email protected]

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