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Using Twitter to Get More Website Traffic

Twitter is sometimes hard for people to understand. It’s short. It moves at an incredibly fast pace. If you’re not a celebrity who likes to fight and make announcements about their drama, you might think that Twitter is not for you. There are some ways that businesses can use Twitter to get website traffic, however.

Why do you think that speeches are written by speech writers and not just nice chats? Why do guests on TV shows and radio programs stick to bullet points? It’s all about sound bytes. The idea is the same for TV and radio as it is for Twitter. People want small bits of information, quotes, and tips that they can quickly digest and share.

With that in mind, here are three things you should post to Twitter to make it easier for people to share your content and grow your reach organically.


People love quotes! You can pick a theme, like motivational Monday, or look for quotes from people born in your state. Look at quote sites on the internet. There are tons. Many even have graphics with quotes written on, so you can share their content and make a more interesting Tweet. You don’t have permission to put those directly on your website, but if your Twitter is optimized with your promotions and links to your website, as well as interesting content, people will want to follow you. Those that are in your area may also become patients.


People like quick tips and simple bits of information that help them in their everyday lives. There are lots of creative ways that you could work eyewear and eye care tips into your social media. Think about things like different frame styles. Each face shape could have its own tweet, like this: “A square face shape looks great with round or oval glasses.” Also, educate patients in a way that will be helpful to them and will make them seem smart if they retweet it. Studies show that many people repost content based on the way that they think it will improve their reputation. Things that make people seem smart are more likely to get retweeted.


People also like statistics because of how easy they are to read quickly and understand without further reading. Statistics make people feel enlightened and give them interesting things to reference in later conversations. Keep a log of eye facts and vision statistics that you hear. Save infographics whenever you can, too, to add those to the content that you tweet. Infographics are very popular and they help position you as a resource.

With scheduling tools and programs like Innexus SOCIAL, it is possible to get a lot of great content posting to multiple accounts with ease. Members in the Innexus program get help claiming pages and have regular supplemental content that goes out on a set schedule, but practice owners need to post personalized content in order to get the best reach. Using Twitter to reinforce your branding, showcase your practice’s unique personality, and post retweetable content is a great way to drive more people to your website.

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