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Why You Need Interesting Educational Content

I recently read an article about how content marketing is dead. Of course, everyone always wants to be the person who is making broad statements and getting people to believe in their new philosophy. It’s alarming and attention-getting. Hey, it got my attention, didn’t it? I read it! But the problem with these articles about what type of content is suddenly dead, or suddenly the only thing you should do is that it overlooks the actual most important aspect of content: variety.

Varying your content is the best way to be fresh and interesting. It keeps people coming back because you meet the needs of many users without leaving anyone in the dark. One area of content that can be hard to make interesting is educational content.

Educational content is usually easy to write because we’re healthcare professionals. This is our field and we live in eye care education—learning from other ECPs, hearing what patients are asking, and reading important material to stay on top of trends and common topics. But how do we make it interesting? Is it that important?

Educational Content: Why You Need It

There are a few reasons that educational content is important. First of all, if you are driving people to your website and they see that educational resources are available, they will stay on your website to learn. Getting patients to contact you or schedule an appointment is crucial, but it is nice when they can stay to learn more, and associate your brand with good information and helpfulness. Plus, it helps your SEO. Traffic begets traffic, and you want people on your site as long as they are engaged.

Also, educational content helps to add keyword-rich content to your website. Having more content isn’t necessarily better, but if you have pages that are over a couple hundred words and include pictures, video, and formatted text, this will help your SEO. By helping your clientele learn and helping search engines see that you are a leader in your industry, you will be optimizing your digital presence naturally.

Finally, educational content is everywhere. People can do a quick Google search and find just about anything they need to know on Wikipedia or WebMD. The reason that you also want educational content on your site is because it can help drive your social media. This content gives you something to send to patients, and can be a driving force for more traffic. It portrays your commitment to being more than just someone who gives eye exams—your practice is a community resource, interested in helping people keep their eyes healthy and see as clearly as possible.

Remember, personalized content is best.

Innexus websites include educational pieces and engaging videos that help keep content visually appealing and informative, but any time that you can relate a topic back to your services and—even better—to real stories about patients who’ve received help from you related to a particular topic, write about it! Storytelling engages people better than any other method of communicating, so turning educational content into a captivating story is a perfect way to elevate your marketing.


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