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5 Tips for Print Marketing Mastery

In the information age it’s easy to prioritize digital communication over all other methods. Anyone with an internet connection can log onto social media channels and get news and advertising specially tailored to their preferences. You can visit news forums, read product reviews, and even take virtual tours of the businesses around you without ever leaving the house. So why don’t we focus all of our efforts on digital marketing?

Because print marketing is not dead!

The power of paper is still real. Direct mail, when done correctly, can have a higher response rate than emails. Plus, certain kinds of print ads can be inexpensive and effective when designed and placed intelligently. And you can’t deny that there are still many people who prefer to have a printed piece in their hands than a digital bookmark or virtual memento of your business. If you’re looking for a marketing boost with print materials, keep these suggestions in mind.

Know the target audience.

This is a rule for all marketing, but with especially with print pieces. Will you be handing these out, leaving them somewhere, posting them, or something else? The audience and the way that they receive the pieces will dictate a lot of the details on format and design.

Get them professionally designed.

It’s easy to start thinking that everything you get printed has to include all of your information, and every last detail someone might want. The end design can end up cluttered and hard to read, which means people won’t read it at all. Professional designers know these pitfalls, and know how to create designs that are catchy, easy to read, and make sense for the recipient.

Be cohesive.

Print marketing may not be viewed right next to your website or other digital marketing, but it has to fit with your brand and match your existing collateral. After all, people may see you print material, look at your website, and then visit the practice. If all of your marketing matches, it will help solidify your brand in their minds.

Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Print pieces can’t be edited. Once you approve the piece and send it to print, it takes a lot to revise it and there is a cost to getting more printed. With digital pieces and websites, it’s usually pretty easy to go in and change it immediately. Proofreading is always a good idea, but be extra sure you are ready to for production with print materials.

Be clear and concise.

Obviously something like a business card needs to be brief and to the point, but this tends to be a good principle for most print marketing. Posters and flyers should stick to just the main details. Be bold and short in your headlines, and drive people to your website or your staff for more information if needed.

What print marketing do you have? What works with print that is unique to physical pieces?

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