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How to Talk About Your Practice

Talking about ourselves isn’t always easy. On an individual level, you want to sound like a certain kind of person, but you also want to be objective about your qualities. You want to be believable without putting yourself down or sounding conceited. You have to be able to clearly communicate who you are and what you do and even why you do it. Many of these points are true when you’re speaking or writing about your practice, too.

If you’re struggling to create your marketing materials or to write informational content, let us suggest some things to help you with an “About Us” section.

Start with One Sentence

Sometimes it’s easier for people to write a novel than to write a single sentence. The first sentence of your “about” copy should be who you are and the most concise description of what you do. For example, Dr. Dren’s Optical is a family optometry practice located in Grand Rapids, MI that specializes in budget-friendly eyewear and pediatric eye exams. You have to craft a one-sentence description of your company because sometimes that’s all you have room for, and you need people to find out quickly what you do.

List the Basics

You may do the same thing as several other businesses in your area, but don’t skip over those products and services just because they are standard. People want to know if you have a good selection of frames, take common insurance plans, and what types of eye exams you provide. Make sure this information is covered if you have room for a longer description of the practice.

Tell Your Specialties

What are the key points you want to say about the company? Have you been in practice for a long time and want to mention the year you were founded? Do you have extended hours or emergency services or special care for people of different ages or eye conditions? It’s a good idea to write down some of these things that make your practice special. Yes, you want to list the basics, but putting that specialty info into your website, social profiles, or directory pages can help get valuable search traffic, and should give visitors confidence that you offer the services they need.

Use Thoughtful Adjectives

It can be difficult to choose a new medical practice, so be sure that you know how you want to portray your brand in your “about” copy. Do you want to emphasize that you have high-end frames, cosmetic services, and first-class service, or are you more about helping people with varied budgets, family needs, and convenient appointment times? Thinking through these questions can help you decide which adjectives to use, like if you’re “friendly, fast, and reliable” or “high-end, luxury, and distinguished.”

What to do Next?

Once you’ve solidified the information about your company, tell people what to do next. If it’s printed material, direct them to contact information where they can call or get your web address to schedule an eye exam. If this is a digital piece like a page on your website, let visitors know that they can schedule an exam online, email you with questions, or visit your social profiles to learn more.

In all of this, remember to let your practice’s personality shine through!

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