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Just For Fun: Upcycling Unused Eyewear Accessories

It’s spring! Things are fresh and new and we’re all thinking about travel and picnics and beach trips. It’s fun to start getting ready, and one thing we’ve seen lately is that people are using eyewear accessories in all sorts of cool ways for everyday use and for special adventures. Check it out!

Eyeglass Case

Most people receive a new eyeglass case each time they get new eyewear. If you’re regularly updating your glasses, getting sunglasses, or other specialty eyewear, you may get a few cases each year, and never know what to do with the old ones. Here are some ideas!

Small clutch purses are great for running quick errands and leaving a big bag at home. Here is an example of an eyeglass case turned into a small purse. Here’s another super cute example, with more details on how they did it.

Recover an old eyeglass case and turn it into a sewing kit. Here are instructions!

Use one to carry small items inside your bag without them getting tangled. Think jewelry or headphones.

Assemble a travel-sized first aid kit with bandages, ointment, and tweezers, and throw it in your bag.

Keep electronics and cords safe, like putting a USB connector and wireless mouse in an oversized eyeglass case for easy and secure travel.

These cases are great for kids travel and car items, too, like crayons! Or use them to organize brushes.

Make a small manicure set for a fun gift or do some nail art while traveling.

Contact Lens Case

Many people like to use old contact lens cases as small pill containers to bring a few pain relievers wherever you go.

You can put makeup into an old contact lens case and be sure that it won’t spill inside your bag.

If you’re a camper or hiker, store your spices in a contact lens case and take up very little space (with secure lids)!

They also work well for carrying very small jewelry, like rings and earrings, or even for storing them in a box at home.

Organize crafts like small safety pins, seed beads, or staples.

Use just the caps and write letters, numbers, or other shapes and animals on them. Kids can use these as travel games.

You can also make them into a holder for earbuds.

There are so many cool ideas that people have for how to reuse old things. Pinterest has a lot of good examples. Feel free to take any of these ideas and share them on your social pages as a fun way to engage people!

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