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Is Your Website Mobile?

Doctors often contact us to ask questions about inquiries and cold calls they’ve received from web and advertising companies. It happens frequently because there are so many digital marketing companies around the world that are looking for small business owners to sell to, and because some of the former heavy hitters of advertising have large staffs dedicated to ad sales. Obviously we don’t want to talk negatively about these companies, but we would like Innexus practices to know a few things about some inquiries we’ve seen lately. 

We recently saw an email that was sent to a practice with a responsive website. The email came from a well-known directory website and seemed to indicate that the business was missing out on traffic because their website needed to be optimized for mobile. Our guess is that this advertising company emails lots of businesses indiscriminately. If they had checked, they would have seen that the practice they emailed has a responsive website that looks great on mobile. Instead, the email asked, “Is your website mobile?” and went into a long list of scary things that can happen to websites that are not coded for viewing on varied devices.

The problem with this type of inquiry is that it makes business owners afraid that they’re doing something wrong, or that they may be hurting their business by not taking advantage of these advertising services. We bring it up here because we want Innexus clients to know that you can contact us any time and ask if we are offering certain services, ask about the nuts and bolts of our websites, and inquire about anything we do or don’t do. Sometimes we can start providing new services if there is enough demand. Other times we can put your mind at ease by showing you that you are already receiving certain benefits. Either way, it’s important not to get duped into paying for advertising services that you don’t need!
Also, as Google makes changes and starts prioritizing responsive and mobile-friendly content over traditional sites, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website is up to date. All of our current website offerings have built-in SEO that we optimize based on your content, and are coded to be responsive so that they render perfectly on a desktop computer, tablet, and smart phone.

If you ever have any questions about how an advertising or website service may benefit your business, get in touch with our Innexus specialists. We will do our best to give you insight into how our services compare, and how you may be opting into redundant services if you opt for additional websites and listings. We’re happy to help!

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