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6 Pages to Add to Your Optical Website

People frequently ask our advice on different types of pages that they should include on their optical website. Of course you want to have a nice homepage that is visually easy to navigate, simple, and efficient. The additional pages that you can create will help your visitors, boost SEO, and add function to your website. Make sure you write content to be included for these main pages:

Staff Page

Staff pages help with searchability a lot. Someone may search for your doctor’s name instead of the name of the practice, so it makes sense to have a staff page for this reason. Plus, it helps keep staff engaged with your digital presence. Give employees an opportunity to write their own bio, and encourage them to update it periodically.


Listing your services and specialties on your website is another way to help visitors learn more about what you do. It’s not that you don’t want people to call and speak with you, but if you have an informative website, it can cut down on the number of phone calls where someone inquires about a service that you do not provide. Plus, this helps with searchability, too, because people may be searching for specialty services in your area.


It’s good for SEO to include links on your website that go out to other domains. You don’t want to include a ton of irrelevant links, but it’s a great idea to have a dozen or so links to partner organizations, optical associations, and optical events. It matters that they are related to your industry because it helps show the search engines that you’re connected with other entities that your visitors may be interested in.


It doesn’t seem like product pages get much traffic, but that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be a highly visited page to have a positive impact on your digital presence. What’s important is that you use the opportunity to include interesting pictures, links to the brands you carry, and information on what products you offer. It can help SEO if you also have featured information on this page and update it at least seasonally. That signals to the search engines that you’re staying current and offering the latest information for your visitors, which can improve your search ranking.


We have mentioned this several times before, but having a blog is one of the best things you can do for your website. If you commit to writing just one blog post per month and include a link, a picture, and an interesting story, this will improve your digital presence. You can direct patients to the blog to read about new products, services, anecdotes, and relevant news, and your can optimize your blog posts to help appear in search results.

Don’t Forget

You may also want a location page (especially if you have multiple locations and want to list all of the contact information for each office), and don’t forget to include things like links to social media pages, maps, and how to contact you.

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